One Bottle at a Time (Save the Fishes)

My first week back in the United States, I joined a group of students from Redwood High’s REAL program to write a song about what they do. Their work involves creek cleanups, water purification programs in Thailand, an organic garden, and all sorts of impressive stuff. Oh yeah – and tons of musical talent.

They took the song “No Church in the Wild” by Kanye/Jay-Z (and Frank Ocean) and “Blow the Whistle” by Too Short, and created this masterpiece:

Video directed by Jake Wachtel, of “Regulatin’ Genes” fame. He just finished recording an hour-long album with 80 instruments from his world travels. Support his kickstarter to get it professionally mixed here.

Haven’t been posting much because I’ve been hard at work on a bunch of different projects in Bay Area schools. Rest assured, there will be more amazing stuff coming out in the next few months.

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