And the winner is…

So I’ve only got a few moments before I head off to Japan (I’ll be doing some workshops, lectures, and performances at Kyoto University from 10 July to 13 July. Whoa!).

But before I go, here’s a quick wrap up of Science Idol 2012.

The tour was an absolute blast. Seeing the diversity and innovativeness of New Zealand schools was an unforgettable experience. For a great taste of the tour, produced for Our Changing World on Radio New Zealand, listen here.

The submissions came in from all over the country. Check out a reel of the finalists below:

To see them in their entirity visit the SciFest website.

I spent the last week working with Grand Prize Winner James Mustapic. We expanded his song “Covalent Long” into a full length song. He laid it down at the Otago University Music Department’ albany street studio. And he absolutely killed it.

If you’re a chemistry teacher (or fan) who wants to use this song in your class… stay tuned. We’ll have a full music video coming out next month.

One more huge shoutout to Klablab for sponsoring the iPad prizes for all of our category winners and for the U.S. embassy in New Zealand for sponsoring the tour. Special thanks to Stephen Stedman of the Otago Music Department who engineered the sound, and to the whole NZ SciFest crew for bringing it all together.

James and I (and his new iPad courtesy of KlabLab!). Image taken by Otago Daily Times (sorry ODT – I didn’t have time to ask your permission. Let me know if that’s not OK. 🙂 )

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