Positive Like a Proton

When I Googled “The Forces with you” two types of websites came up.

  1. Physics texbooks.
  2. Hip Hop websites singing the praises of a new group out of Detroit – “Clear Soul Forces”

Allow me to share with you some of their jazzy beats and ear-smacking lyrics.

First, check out the wordplay on “Strangers”. Skip to the second verse, around 1:32. I’ve bolded some of my favorite lines below.

Welcome to the bottom.
Where n***** is eatin’ Top Ramen and top rhymin’.
Where they say it’s their future but we struggle on that minor sh*t.
We havin’ babies before we findin’ out where our fathers went.
Never knew what to do when I was writin’ shit.
Made a guess and experimented – that’s the hypothesis.

Monumentally solid sh*t. Searchin’ for an astrologist.
We stars. Point us in the direction of where that broccoli is.
Runnin’ out of time – tik tok  – onomatopoeia.
Losin’ sleep. Our dreams gave us insomnia.

My scripture is the drug. Epidemic of the sixties.
I write it they put in veins and get lifted.
It’s the audio heron – verbal abusive Voltron.
Race to the top. In the middle went positive like a proton.
They feel me with no arms. Listen with attention deficit.

Hear me when they deaf and sh*t.

Dang. How many rappers shout out to Obama’s education policy (Race to the Top) before declaring their inner goodness via a chemistry punch line?

Their latest video is “Get No Better.” The dudes are not afraid to show off their smarts, casually dropping science analogies in the name of braggadocio (“Runnin’ the web like arachnids”) and science metaphors for the sake of imagery (“Welcome to the solar system where the force is you”).

As I watched their videos I couldn’t help but compare them to another young, high energy, lyrically dexterous group from the early 90’s (Hiero ya’ll). And when they mentioned the actual word Hieroglyphics in the science line below (3:20), I got to thinking.

Go ‘head. We got this rap sh*t down to a mad science.
The biochemists.
Everything I write hard.
Welcome to the round table where we plot on all challengers.
King Arthur of the art which is written with Excalibur.

Sure, maybe they’re just saying that Excalibur is hard, and so are their rhymes. After all, a brief Wikipedia query informed me that Excalibur comes from the Welsh Caledfwich (battle, hard). Or maybe they’re saying that Hieroglyphics written in stone are hard, just like their rhymes. But MAYBE, they’re also shouting out to the bay area crew who once wrote a song called “Mics of the Roundtable.”

Now that’s probably a stretch, but I’ll use it as an excuse to highlight a classic biology line from that song.

This ain’t no practical joke, or anti-factual hoax,
But something each breath in my alveoli sacs will promote.

Here’s hopin’ that Clear Soul Forces keep making good music. From 2012 ‘til infinity.

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