Sweet (Potato Pie)

I am a Common fan. I don’t have strong feelings about Drake. But as my fellow Sacramentan/Stanford connect Matt Boyd points out on his tumblr, their current beef is awkward and unsettling. It seems completely out of character for Common. And the beef hasn’t inspired any great lyricism as it did with Jay-Z vs. Nas (vulgarity warning).

Luckily, Brother Ali has the antitode to this Grade F Beef. An ode to delicious sweet potato pie using the same sample that No-ID used on Common’s “Sweet.”

The first verse is about the joy of cooking. The second verse is about healthy eating (lyrics below). His lyrics are more creative and honest than anything Drake or Common has spit lately.

2nd verse (2:35)

Aight… The pie became a problem
Cuz I ain’t getting taller but I’m steady getting wider
And my blood sugar risin’
And my heart got to cloggin’.
My guy had to pull me to the side
Got to talking ‘bout
You supposed to be eatin’ to live
You shouldn’t even keep sweets in your crib
Need to be healthy for your kids
Boy you don’t need to get diabetes
You could lose your feet to that sh*t
Each pie’s … what?
A cup a sugar half a stick of butter?
How many slices of that sh*t you stickin’ in your stomach?
I mean you always been a little fluffy
But keep it up and you gon’ be a Chris Farley lookin’ motherf——.
I mean I get it you’re not smokin’ or drinkin’
So you probably use the food that you make when you’re escapin’.
Maybe just take it out of regular rotation
Save it for a special occasion.

Thank you Brother Ali, for capturing the essence of the Spanish-language club banger about healthy eating I made last year. And for trivialising the sugary bakeoff between Drake and Common.


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