“I’m gonna rap ’til I’m fossil fuel”

As I take small breaks from furiously animating my fossil music video, I’ve started noticing geology and paleontology references all around me.

This incudes the final lyric of Eminem’s recent show-stopping verse (skip to 6:35) during a BET award show. Mind-blowing wordplay and lyricism. Some horrifying content. In other words, old school Eminem. He not only references taking “meteor showers”, but finishes with “I’m gonna rap ’til I’m fossil fuel.”

Plus, Modest Mouses’s “Parting of the Sensory”, a somber look at humanity and the carbon cycle, keeps popping up on shuffle. It features the great line, “Some day you will die and somehow something’s gonna steal your carbon” (3:30).

I for one have always taken solace in the idea that my carbon (and gametes if I have children) will get incorporated into new life forms. As Natalie Angier puts it in The Canon – “Reincarnation and other themes are metaphorical representations of biological reality.”

I wonder if humans will be around long enough to burn fossil fuel made of the carbon formerly known as Slim Shady.

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