I was allotted a lotta the brain wattage…

I like hieroglyphics, but I love Hieroglyphics. The bay area hip hop consortium has produced classic albums individually and together. Each member has a distinct style and strength, but Pep Love is the most consistent wordsmith, achieving heights of lyrical wizardry on almost every verse he touches.

His verse on “Fantasy Island” is no exception. After a classic “push rhymes like drugs” metaphor (for even deeper exploration of this theme, see Kanye’s “Crack Music“), he goes on to drop some incredible science braggadocio at 3:26.

My rhyme’s iron phosphate.
Nutrition you missin’
So you lost way behind.
I was allotted a lotta the brain wattage
That’s off the monitor from the Earth to Andromeda.
(In)Hale Bopp comet of hip hop.
Drop atomic sh*t leaving ’em shook and shell shocked.

Pep makes intricate-yet-subtle rhymes (“phosphate” with “lost way”), wordplay (inHale), and alliteration (sh*t leaving ’em shook and shell-shocked) look easy.

The Andromeda galaxy is the nearest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way galaxy. At 2.5 Million Light Years, that' still a lot of brain wattage, which explains why Pep Love writes such good raps. (Image From Wikimedia)

The Hale-Bopp comet was one of the brightest and most observed comets of the 90's. If only Pep Love was as widely recognized. (Image from Wikimedia)

That’s why he’s the fire water wizard. Click on the link and listen to “Let it Roll” for an exquisite explicit exhibit of his entire arsenal).

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One Response to I was allotted a lotta the brain wattage…

  1. mark says:

    fuck yeah i love this verse too! hiero baby when’s that new ish droppin

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