We Know Heat Flow…

Once upon a time I had not heard of Chiddy Bang. Then they came to Stanford and partied at Sigma Nu. See this insane live performance in Derrick’s dorm room.

Now, even in New Zealand, I can’t go anywhere without hearing that song blasting out of a speakerbox.

And wouldn’t you know it?  The dude loves his science references. I particularly like “Danger Zone”, despite its 50-cent-Get-Rich-Or-Die-Tryin’ sounding chorus. For the love of molecules, skip to 1:33.

Yeah, my composition is remarkable
I am a molecule, they are just a particle
And this a article, so you can read all about it
And are they messing with us? I doubt it
The road less traveled, I’m sorry I’ll reroute it
And this goes out to everyone that shot me down and doubted
Now I’m cumulusly clouded
Serious, higher than a Nimbus
I swear, I’m on the scene like forensics
Just check the steelo
We know heat flow
Them A&Rs tryin’ to find me like Nemo, I mean it

Well done Chiddy. My dad is always asking me which is bigger – cell? atom? molecule? particle? Well Dad, molecules are made of atoms, which are made of subatomic particles (like quarks and leptons). Check the rhyme. Plus I love the “composition” wordplay (referring both to his writing skills and the molecules he is composed of).

As for the cloudspeak, at least there are some cool vocab words. As you remember from middle school, the big three cloud types are cumulus (big and puffy), stratus (huge grey blanket), and cirrus (thin and wispy). Nimbus is ussed as a suffix if the cloud is making it rain (i.e. cumulonimbus).

Not much to speak about regarding the other references. Forensics is a popular way of making science sexy (see CSI). Heat flow is a big deal in physics (conduction, convection, radiation).

Thank you Chiddy, for casually dropping science analogies within your braggadocio.

[Postscript: Though it has nothing to do with science or Chiddy Bang, the A&R (stand for “Artists & Repertoire” and means record label exec) reference reminds me of my favorite GZA verse of all time.

The last verse (at 3:35) in “Protect Ya Neck,” includes such gems as
“Now the money’s getting stuck to the gum under the table.”
“That thought’s about as bright as a 20 watt lightbulb,”
 “So stingy they got short arms and deep pockets,” 
“First of all, who’s your A&R? A mountain climber who plays an electric guitar? / He don’t know the meaning of dope when he’s looking for a suit-and-tie rap that’s cleaner than a bar of soap.”] 







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One Response to We Know Heat Flow…

  1. molly fausone says:

    Tom! Stumbled across your blog on facebook. Sounds like you are up to some really awesome stuff. Hope you’ve been having fun doing it. Good luck with the PhD (I know I once joked about you being in school forever but I think it’s actually pretty cool and I’m sure you’ll get to do some great stuff when you’re done.) I miss your humbio raps back at Stanford! Good luck.
    Molly Fausone (I was in the Humbio core in 09-10)

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