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Elmo & Common rap about self-control (Why I never miss an episode of the PBS NewsHour)

The best show on television is called the PBS NewsHour. Its the only news show I can tolerate because of their unorthodox taste for “journalism”, and their surprising tendency to provide things like “context”, “thoughtful analysis”, and “respectful debate”. But lately, … Continue reading

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Murs is a Scientist

“The Science” is a lyrical standout from Murs’s 2008 shot at the mainstream –  Murs for President. I thought the album as a whole was disappointing, though only in comparison to classics like 3:16: The 9th Edition (2004).  Verse 1 opens … Continue reading

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San Francisco Science, Literature, & Art Integration Workshop

I believe in parallel universes. In most universes, I’m a public school teacher. It’s still my destiny, but in our present universe I happen to be taking a multi-decade detour to pursue science (in the lab) and communication (to the … Continue reading

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