Aussies Lead Climate Change Rap Game

Here’s the latest science rap making the internet rounds, from a group of Australian climate scientists.

Video production values = A
Rap production values = C
Excessive use of profanity = A+

Kind of funny, and important message. Go Australia.

For higher quality Australian hip hop on climate change, I direct you to “Sea is Rising” by Bliss ‘n Eso. Similar to “Rising Down” (discussed here), the song takes a more traditional hip hop tack of discussing environmental degradation in the context of social issues and violence (for the even more emotive John Butler-introduced version, click here).

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2 Responses to Aussies Lead Climate Change Rap Game

  1. Karen says:

    The second song, “Sea is Rising”, is much more powerful for me. Made me cry. Maybe the experts aren’t the best people to deliver the message.

  2. Peaslee says:

    “the greenhouse effect is just a theory, sucka
    Yeah so is gravity, float away motha f*cka!”


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