Squad roll thicker than some hemoglobin…

One of my favorite casual biology references comes near the end of The Tipping Point (2004) by The Roots. The album is named after the book by Malcolm Gladwell and features a young Malcolm X on the cover.

Check out Black Thought at 1:27 in “In love with the mic.”

F*cks the problem? Dog, we mobbin’.
The squad roll thicker than some hemoglobin.
I’ll scare y’all quicker than a mean ol’ goblin.
Ain’t no bullsh*t, me and my amigos poppin’.

Only Black Thought could rhyme “thicker than some hemoglobin” with “quicker than a mean ol’ goblin” before going on to say he’s “tighter than the Bushes with the Saudi Arabians.”

The song is a playful hidden track sandwiched between the lyrical high-point of the album – “Why (What’s Going On?” – and the incredi-jam-session “Din Da Da”, a cover of George Kranz’s dance classic.

That “Din Daa Daa” earworm infiltrated every dance floor I was on from 2006-2008 via the Ying Yang twins’s “Shake“. Even though I loved yelling “mentirosa” at whoever was closest to me, the song would always remind me of the hemoglobin rollin through my bloodstream.

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