“Fight of the Century”: Taking didactic rap to the next level

There was a second or two there during college where I wanted to study international relations. The West Wing made it look pretty sexy. Then I took Econ 1 and Poli Sci 1. I had a visceral response to the assumptions about human behavior, the nature of the research, and their version of understanding the world. So I fled to human biology.

But I have to show love to this ridiculously high quality video from econstories.tv. It doesn’t make me all that nostalgic for my econ days (there’s a clear bias towards the Austrian school of economics – think Ron Paul). But dang – they’ve got a good story, a good beat, good delivery, and a wildly entertaining version of educational rap.

Most didactic rap (including, sometimes, my own) makes me a bit queezy inside. This will be a topic I look forward to addressing more on the blog. But as a quick preview, the key to this video is the complete absence of cringe-inducing caricatures of hip hop culture. No bling. Just clever lyrics, sincere performance, humor, and a good story. Oh yeah – and jaw-dropping production values.

Thank you econstories for taking the genre to the next level.

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